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Transcribed from event, but can be customized for personal use
as not every point will be relevant.

I invite my human spirit to come to attention and come to the front to be blessed.

Spirit, I want to honor you today. I honor you for your ups and downs and turnarounds and all that you have been through. I honor the Spirit of God that is already in you. I honor your uniqueness and your sensitivity. Your integrity and creativity. I honor the likeness of Jesus in you. I honor the overcomer in you, spirit. You have already been through a lot and as a result, you have a lot to give. I honor you as a standard bearer and to be a visible representation of the Lord in the earth. I honor you as a lover that is a unique, creative, eccentric representation of Jesus. I honor the love of God flowing out of you, spirit. I honor your dominion that will not be broken down and will not be destroyed because you are overcoming and you are an eternal spirit being. I bless your ability to fly to new heights and depths of God. I bless your ability to co-partner and co-labor with God.

I invite you, soul, to now to come in under, behind or beside spirit. Connect up now spirit to soul and interface. I bless you, soul, with all the wisdom accumulated through all your life experiences but I now lift sorrow and suffering off of you, soul. I lift off discouragement. I bless your fearlessness and lift off insecurity and fear for the future. I lift off confusion and disorientation about your identity. I lift off fatigue and weariness. I lift off all ungodly restraints, doctrines, traditions and family religion that have tied you down and have kept you from manifesting in the fullness of your beauty. I lift off all ungodly restraints, structures and ungodly bondages in the name of Jesus.

Now body I invite you to come in under, behind or beside spirit and soul. Relax into your body and allow a sense of connection to soul and spirit. Body we want to speak to any agitation and stress. I lift all that off you now. I lift off holding your breath due to pressure and stress and I just release you to breathe deeper and deeper. Breathing in the Ruach breath of God. I speak to any issues in the kidney and adrenals and I speak hydration to the kidneys and adrenals. I ask you, Body to really reduce that cortisol due to the stress. I speak homeostasis in regard to the endocrine system and everything that has to do with the excess adrenaline and the excess cortisol. I speak deep peace into those systems. Body will you release any chemistry and toxins related to stress? I speak peace into your systems. I ask for a big surge of peace for deep relaxation. I ask for the grace of God to release this deep, deep seated peace into the physical bodies and that the Spirit of God will continue to deepen that peace. I want to break constriction off of the lungs and rib cage that’s not allowing our rib cage to expand and places where we have been holding ourselves together. I want to lift any shock off the diaphragm so that the diaphragm can relax and allow synchronized breathing. Still lifting sadness, sighing and sorrow off our physical bodies. I lift off betrayal and suspicion off you, Body. I know you are very suspicious and afraid to believe. I lift betrayal off you where I have made promises to you that were not kept. I lift off fear of believing and trusting again.

Let’s go back to spirit. Spirit, would you like a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit right now? Just relax and open up to the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit I ask that you will begin to fill me now with a fresh infilling of your presence. That you will fill, fill, fill me as You release your love, your joy, your peace, gentleness, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Saturating me now. The love of God filling me and moving freely through me. I now ask that you would release words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits, miracles and the miracle realm for the appropriation of all sorts of miracles. I now draw it into my spirit and let it saturate me. Releasing tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy. Part of interpretation of tongues is the spirit of understanding that releases the ability to know what people are really saying.

Release the spirit of wisdom and open up the spirit of knowledge, spirit of understanding which is the comprehension realm. Spirit of counsel and spirit of might, spirit of the Lord and the spirit of awe of our God. The reverential fear and wonder of our God.

Now Holy Spirit as you are inside my human spirit, would you please open up within me, so I can experience the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I am becoming more consciously aware of Your presence, Holy Spirit, I want to also be more consciously aware of Jesus and Father. Come into my inner being and let me experience coming into union and fellowship with them. As you step into me , I step into you. Jesus you are the door to the Father. Would you open up yourself Lord Jesus as that door and I ask you God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ to come in through my union with Jesus. Will you come into my innermost being, into my heart? Will you come in and have fellowship with me. Will you come and let me experience the oneness that your word says we can have. through Christ Jesus with you Father?

I wait for You Father to let me experience Your Presence. (Pause and wait)
Thank you for making provision and opening up your goodness like a picnic lunch within my spirit. Thank you for divine fellowship and this place of oneness with you through my union with Lord, Jesus Christ through the infilling with the eternal spirit of God, who has filled my human spirit, my soul and my body and quickened my mind, my will and my emotions. I thank you for this divine alignment.

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